Deacon copyDave Deacon, DEACON Photography

 For as long as I can remember, the visual world of form, line and colour have had a greater impact on me compared with verbal communication and explanation. Simply put, images and photography in particular make my world go round.  My interest in photography began some 50 plus years ago.  In the interim it’s been my goal to learn as much about photography and to apply this knowledge to as many forms of photography as humanly possible and to do so in a fashion approaching what I would deem as excellent.

DEACON Photography has created catalogues of product images, captured provocative promotional images at media events and worked closely with the arts community to digitally record/catalogue paintings and live theatrical performance. DEACON Photography has demonstrated award-winning expertise in both creative portrait and live musical performance photography.  Nature and landscape photography are also our specialty. Just inquire and we can help with photo restoration/retouching and large format printing projects.